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The Who, What and Why of the Freight Forum


The Freight Forum is a project of OnTrackNorthAmerica. It is the outgrowth of dialogues between four national policy veterans who, along with many others in their professional network, see the vast potential for a new era of supply chain efficiency. This new era will feature multi-level economic opportunity,  greater service to communities, and a drastic reduction of environmental impacts.

These benefits can be realized through an industry-wide collaboration — the platform for which does not exist and would have to be created. With that in mind, the North American Freight Forum was born .



Michael is founder, chairman, and CEO of Strategic Rail Finance and chairman and founder of OnTrackNorthAmerica, a 501(c3) non-profit.

Daniel R.

Dan is a transportation attorney, and former chairman of U.S. Surface Transportation Board.


Jim is former Chair of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and a nationally recognized energy advisor.

Ren Risa

Ren is founder and CEO of the AmTech Center for Collaboration, where she orchestrates public-private partnerships and change initiatives for government and industry.

Senior Advisory Team Members


Jim’s career spans freight business and economic analysis for railroad development throughout the United States and abroad.

Thomas Rasmussen

Tom brings a passion and unique insight to systems and network improvement after 33 years with Class I railroads and management consulting firms.


Herb Grabell is a senior vice president with Kidder Mathews, specializing in transpacific goods movement, supply chain strategies, and clean technology energy solutions. 


Steve is an economic sociologist who studies work, labor markets, automation, energy, and public policy.

Randy Carpenter

Randy is a warehousing, transportation and supply chain logistics entrepreneur and thought leader.

Freight Forum's

Code of Ethics


The North American Freight Forum does not accept financial sponsorships that require prioritization of individual business agendas over common interests.


The North American Freight Forum invites representation from all involved stakeholder groups and facilitates “level playing field” dialogues wherein all participants’ perspectives are appreciated. Inclusivity is fundamental to our planning approach, welcoming all regions and projects of any size.


The North American Freight Forum maintains the autonomy of a politically non-partisan entity.

Coordination and Collaboration

The North American Freight Forum advances the thoughtful integration of collaboration with constructive competition.

Whole Systems Thinking

The North American Freight Forum embraces programs, policies and planning that advance system-wide benefit.


The North American Freight Forum supports the utilization of all transport modes within a sound multimodal system.


We hold ourselves accountable to current and future generations by working only on projects that align with a sustainable environment and a healthy quality of community life.

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