Michael Sussman | bio

I began my career in transportation in 1994 by launching Strategic Rail Finance, a North American transportation-industry consulting firm. My associates and I have been busy since then, advising private and public sector clients in 44 states and Canada. I entered the rail industry with the intention to improve how we invest capital in infrastructure and industrial systems. In addition to our client work, I have contributed considerable time and energy to educating, and learning from, government officials and staff at all levels.

I have met with the staff or leaders of 68 U.S. Senate offices and 135 U.S. House offices, speaking on behalf of policy and programmatic improvements that would benefit all, not a particular client or vested interest.

Leading up to the founding of OnTrackNorthAmerica in 2007, and in the years since, we have developed our capacity for convening stakeholders in government and industry.

I am honored to have earned the respect and ear of Congressional leaders and staff.

I have found that our common sense message, based in whole-system thinking, resonates across the political spectrum.

Some representative acknowledgments of our efforts:

I am pleased to have had articles published in several transportation industry journals.

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