Rail / Trucking Coordination IntelliConference

Rail and trucking each have their strengths and limitations. In an unplanned system those limitations can leave unwelcome performance gaps. In an integrated system each mode’s strength can be optimized. Instead of pitting these modes against each other, it is time to apply collaboration and coordination to create a freight system that best leverages the benefits of both modes.

Core Question:

What commercial and public policy improvements would optimize the interconnectivity of trucking and railroading to the benefit of management, labor, communities, and the natural environment?

  1. How can trucking and railroads improve intermodal operations to reduce the imbalanced freight lanes for both modes?
  2. What are the dynamics that impede efficiency in the interactions between trucks and railroads?
  3. What communication and tracking across modes is needed to satisfy the beneficial cargo owner?
  4. What interstate coordination would allow states to adjust weight limit regulations and provide ideal market for trucking?
  5. How does the prospect of rail companies owning trucking companies and water carriers impact or can impact multimodal productivity?
  6. What are the tractor trailer/chassis/container intermodal systems that would improve multimodal productivity?
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