Paul Bouzide | bio

Paul has spent his career as a technologist with a system engineering outlook in the navigable network geospatial content business. His passions and depth extend to economic geography, railroad freight transportation logistics, energy and other industrial systems, and urban planning.

Paul most recently served as Map Content Manager for Apple Computer’s Maps Application team, where the overall quality of the user experience with Maps is deeply dependent on geospatial content depth and quality.

Before joining Apple, Paul was a Systems Engineer for Union Pacific Distribution Services (now LOUP Logistics), a 3PL driving traffic for the Union Pacific Railroad. Paul’s role in IT was as data analyst and implementer of Business Intelligence (BI) financial and operational data reporting solutions delivered to management and marketing/sales staff for decision support and trend tracking. In this role, a deep level of avocationally obtained railroad related subject matter expertise enabled Paul to deliver superior value relative to the average technologist.

Prior to Union Pacific, Paul was Principal Architect for start-up Navteq, a digital navigable map content producer, where he oversaw software development and enterprise architecture. During Paul’s tenure, Navteq evolved to a multi-billion-dollar enterprise selling customer facing navigable and cartographic geospatial content into the automotive, telecom and internet markets.

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