Introducing The IntelliSynthesis Process

The freight industry, and its related governing bodies do not lack intelligent individuals. Instead it lacks what all other sectors lack: an effective means of collaboration.

What is IntelliSynthesis?

IntelliSynthesis is a methodology that leverages collective intelligence – the knowledge and abilities of a group of people – to advance important issues and opportunities.  

Participants are typically involved as “stakeholders” in an IntelliConference®, a scheduled, coordinated application of IntelliSynthesis around a specific issue area.”

IntelliSynthesis is designed to address numerous kinds of situations, which generally fall into two basic categories:

      • A range of stakeholders working through multifaceted issues, like those that tend to crop up around any major industry or public policy arena.
      • A group of experts working together to efficiently harness their collective intelligence toward opportunity generation.

Where does an IntelliConference take place?

IntelliConferences® takes place online, in-person, and in combination similar to a university e-learning environment. However, unlike an academic institution, there is no single source of information. Instead, through the IntelliSynthesis methodology, participants teach one another. A facilitation team works quickly between each round of an IntelliConference to organize and disseminate the insights and ideas for the group. Participants continue to build on that collective knowledge base toward developing additional questions and comprehensive solutions. Some IntelliConferences have in-person sessions, creating a unique and collaborative hybrid experience.

What time commitment does IntelliConference require?

A major advantage of an online IntelliConference® is that it is both synchronous and asynchronous. That means that in addition to live group discussions, participants can contribute according to their own schedules. That said, stakeholders must enter into a participation agreement for each IntelliConference, a “by-when” promise regarding the timeliness (and quantity) of the stakeholder’s contribution. The length (days, weeks, months) of the IntelliConference will be stated beforehand and is determined by the complexity of the problem being addressed. Typical IntelliConferences require one to two hours per week.

Freight Forum Roles

The IntelliSynthesis process leverages the intelligence of a group of participants. There are also important support roles. As you visit the various issues under discussion please let us know if you have interest, experience, or access to funding that could help advance a particular IntelliConference.

Each IntelliConference convenes for a set period of time and requires a commitment of less than two hours a week.


Provides research and experiential knowledge to prepare stakeholders for exploration of Freight Forum issues and opportunities.


Aids IntelliConference process by reading and organizing stakeholder IntelliConference input.


Shares expertise on an as-needed basis during an IntelliConference to help stakeholders work through complex problems/systems.


Contributes financially as a member or sponsor of the Freight Forum or a specific IntelliConference.

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