Freight Transportation Land Use IntelliConference

The siting of freight-centric facilities is too often merely opportunistic without consideration of consequences to local roads, and supply chains in general. Economic development goals should harmonize with smart planning that does not lock in avoidable freight traffic.

Core Question:

How can we institutionalize integrative planning of freight transportation and land use within the academic, planning, and development communities?

  1. What academic institutions could be valuable partners in advancing “freight transportation land use” as a planning discipline?
  2. What public and private non-academic organizations and associations could be valuable partners in creating freight transportation land use as a discipline in the field?
  3. What steps can we take to have transportation use plans become a broadly adopted requirement for new freight-related development?
  4. What land use zoning practices do we want to initiate that preserve land adjacent to freight corridors and facilities for freight-related development?
  5. What are the land use-related governing and planning systems in each U.S. and Mexican state, and Canadian province?
  6. Who are the allies for developing a program of national preservation of rail right-of way adjacent property for future rail development?
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